Car in Front of the House

Car in Front of the House

Bulgaria / 2017, 29’40”

Director: Marina Genkova


Screenplay: Marina Genkova, Bistra Anatasova


Director of photography: Stephan Kalupov


Cast: Boris Lukanov, Nadejda Panayotova, Athanas Srebrev, Ivelin Iliev


Original music: Georgi Genkov


Producer: Marina Genkova


Production company: New Bulgarian University


Short fiction / Drama


Old man park his old car in front of the house of a young family. Who is he and how his
presence will affect the life of this couple?


Ivan and Lily are a young family with three children. They live in the suburbs Lily insisted firmly on it. She was raised by her mother and doesn’t know her father. For several days in a row, in front of their house was parked a battered car with its elderly driver. The car is filled with junk – as if it’s all the possessions of the owner. In a strange way this man enters the life of the family and turns it all around…