Bulgaria / 2020, 17’30”

Director: Victoria Karakoleva


Screenplay: Victoria Karakoleva, Mina Hristova, Rosen Savkov


Director of photography: Rosen Savkov


Cast: Luizabel Nikolova, Alexander Kanev, Neli Monedzhikova


Producers: Lyubo Yonchev, Rosen Savkov, Mihail Mihaylov


Production companies: Four Elementz, Crystal Frame, Studio 1+1

Supported by: National Culture Fund of Bulgaria


Short fiction / Mystery


A curse that drives you insane. A secret… What does it take to wake yourself again?



Whole her life, Aya has felt like she is cursed to be alone forever. One day in her dream, she sees her fearsome spell, that almost blends in with the reality. But Aya carries a secret that can set her free.