The Hounted House of Musachevo

Bulgaria / 2015, 15’30”

Director: Emil Denev


Screenplay: Emil Denev, Aleksandar Partulov


Director of photography: Stoil Vatev, Yavor Georgiev


Producers: Aleksandar Partulov, Emil Denev


Production companies: Solent Film


Short documentary / Mystery


With its mysteriousness, a house in Musachevo has been holding the attention of Bulgarian media, and the local people for decades. The owner of the property decides to speak for the first time on camera, and tell the whole story of The Haunted House of Musachevo.


There are a lot of rumours about a haunted house in the Bulgarian village of Musachevo. Word has it that, whoever dares to settle in the house, soon dies in a tragic accident. The local people and the media promote stories of evil possession, due to a vanished monastery in the area, old cemeteries, and killings that have taken place in the house. All these stories attract the attention of the only Bulgarian priest that practices exorcism. He shows an intention to buy the property, and clean it from the evil forces. However, at the same time the property owner reveals himself after decades of silence, and decides to tell for the first time on camera, the whole story of the Haunted House of Musachevo.