Bulgaria / 2017, 28’00”

Director: Boya Harizanova


Screenplay: Boya Harizanova


Director of photography: Viktor Roev


Cast: Haled Kanhush, Yazan Hakim, Tammam Hakim, Georgi Gotsin


Original music: Ivo Ignatov


Producer: Petar Harizanov


Production companies: NATFA “Krastyo. Sarafov”, Creative Box Studio


Short fiction / Drama





Rumen was born in Syria, where his mother was killed, because his father is a Bulgarian, a Christian. Rumen grows in Bulgaria, raised by his father Bogdan. He wants to enter the Police Academy. Two days before the exam, Rumen is involved in a quarrel between his best friend Viktor and Syrian refugee. Half Syrian, half Bulgarian, Rumen was faced with a difficult choice. Rumen becomes a victim of his own prejudice and, instead of the ranks of the Police Academy, gets arrested.