Trust Exercise

Trust Exercise

Bulgaria / 2018, 6’46”

Director: Vilma Kartalska


Screenplay: Vilma Kartalska


Director of photography: Ivaylo Tsvetkov


Cast: Vilma Kartalska, Stoyan Tsvetkov


Producers: Vilma Kartalska, Lyubo Yonchev, Lyubo Kirov


Production companies: Raiza Vilm Productions, Crystal Frame


Short fiction / Comedy


When the battery of loneliness is low, is a trust exercise enough for a new beginning…


Music reporter Milla and cameraman Bobby return from a rock concert. Bobby has had a long time crush on Milla. But she has neither noticed his interest, nor is looking for a relationship. With her headphones always on, she is inaccessible to his attempts to win her over. When finally there is a chance for him to reveal his feelings, she relentlessly puts him to a Trust exercise. Will Bobby pass the exam?