Bulgaria / 2019, 27’00”

Director: Radi Stoyanov


Screenplay: Ivelina Alexieva, Darina Ivailova-Shopova, Radi Stoyanov


Director of photography: Rosen Savkov


Cast: Vlado Penev, Elly Koleva


Original music: Mira Iskarova


Producers: Radi Stoyanov, Darina Ivailova-Shopova, Ivo Nikolov, Lyubo Yonchev


Production companies: ИОN Aeon Productions, Four Elementz


Short fiction / Drama, Mystery


A businessman who does not see a prospect in front of himself falls into a hotel with specific services.


Late in the evening, Daniel, a businessman aged visibly round 60, arrives at what initially seems to be an ordinary hotel. The first clash with the young Monika changes him in an unexpected way. It turns out, that the hotel has a very specific function, which has already been activated.