The Distribution Department of CRYSTAL FRAME was founded in 2015 for the purpose of supporting and boosting international distribution of the latest in independent film by positioning it at festivals, on alternative circuits and through multi-channel selling.
CRYSTAL FRAME is defined by its selection of films and the advice and planning it provides with regard to distribution. To this end, it provides producers with an expert team for choosing the most appropriate festivals.
The company’s representatives are active in the marketplace and regularly attend international festivals for both short films and features, where they solidify their contacts with festival curators and buyers.
Please contact us for more information: distribution@crystal-frame.com



Short film festivals without entry fee
1 festival submission:  € 4
5 festival submissions:  € 19
10 festival submissions:  € 29
15 festival submissions:  € 39
20 festival submissions:  € 49
Short film festivals with entry fee
1 festival submission:  € 16
5 festival submissions:  € 79
10 festival submissions:  € 139
15 festival submissions:  € 199
20 festival submissions:  € 259
Feature film festivals without entry fee
1 festival submission:  € 12
5 festival submissions:  € 59
10 festival submissions:  € 109
15 festival submissions:  € 159
20 festival submissions:  € 209
Feature film festivals with entry fee
1 festival submission:  € 48
5 festival submissions:  € 239
10 festival submissions:  € 459
15 festival submissions:  € 679
20 festival submissions:  € 899


     Please fill in the following form if you want us to consider your film for distribution. We make selection of the titles we acquire. We will send you feedback on your film even if it is not selected. For the distribution of each film we need the film, trailer, poster, three stills from the film, director’s photo and dialogue list with time code. Thanks.

FIlm Submission