I'm Here

I’m Here

Bulgaria / 2023, 4’00”

Short fiction / Drama

Director: Vilma Kartalska


Screenplay: Vilma Kartalska


Director of photography: Rosen Savkov


Cast: Vilma Kartalska, Anna Bankina, Nikolina Stoyanova (voice)


Original music: Anton Yanachkov


Production design: Vilma Kartalska


Editing: Yoveta Panda


Sound: Anton Yanachkov


Producers: Vilma Kartalska, Rosen Savkov, Lyubo Yonchev


Production companies: Raiza Vilm Productions, Four Elements, Crystal Frame


Supported by: National Culture Fund of Bulgaria


Realize death. Accept death. Continue with life.



Zoya returns from shopping to her grandmother’s house. There she comes across one of the most natural and sure parts of life, which, however, always catches us unprepared. How will she react? A story about one of the thousands possible encounters with HER, the outcome of which is always unique.