Shooting star

Bulgaria, Italy / 2015, 28’00”

Short fiction / Drama

Director: Lyubo Yonchev


Screenplay: Yassen Genadiev, Lyubo Yonchev


Director of photography: Damian Dimitrov


Cast: Stefka Yanorova, Stefan Popov, Kalia Kamenova


Original music: Alexander Kostov


Production design: Hristina Dyakova


Editing: Lyubo Kirov


Sound: Dimitar Rusev


Producers: Lyubo Yonchev, Lyubo Kirov, Carola Jessica de Lucia


Production companies: Crystal Frame, Mito Producion


How far would a mother go to protect her children?


Lilly is a divorced mother of two – Martin, who has recently come of age, and the little Alexandra. One cold winter evening Martin takes Alexandra from kindergarten. In the dark streets of the neighborhood they become a part of a tragic accident that hardly can be forgotten or erased. Lilly and her kids have to make tough decisions, the consequences of which will change their life for good.